Best Vendors for Red Vein Thai Kratom

Red Vein Thai Kratom, sometimes known simply as Red Thai, joins Green Vein Kratom and is one of the most popular choices for Kratom enthusiasts. Because it’s almost as prevalent as Green Vein, it’s wise to narrow down your options before you spend any money.

More importantly, the vendors listed below not only stock the unique red-veined strain,  but also have a good reputation for supplying quality Kratom. Of course, we can’t possibly list every solid resource, but this will definitely give you a good starting point. Be sure to check out our top-rated version of Red Thai as well!

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5 of the Very Best Red Vein Thai Vendors


As an American Kratom Association GMP Certified vendor, PhytoExtractum submits to a rigorous quality control process. They also back all of their products with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. PhytoExtractum sells Red Thai Kratom powder in quantities of 28 g (1 ounce) up to 112 g (4 ounces) for $9.95 – $29.95. More than 265 reviewers have given this particular product a 4.5-star average, so you know it’s a good buy!

Kratom Crazy

Red Thai Kratom is one of Kratom Crazy’s 12 red strains. It comes in powder or capsules and has a 5-star average from 24 consumers. You can give this product a try with 100 g for $19.99 or pick up bulk quantities of it that range from 1 kg (1,000 g) to 5 kg (5,000 g). The more you buy at once, the more you save. A 5 kg pack costs only $424.99.

Kraken Kratom

This vendor releases the Kraken with their AKA GMP-approved Red Vein Thai Kratom. More than 250 reviewers have given this product the thumbs up, and your purchase will be backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee. As with most of their Kratom, this vendor sells primarily to those who want smaller quantities of powder. Their Red Vein Thai Kratom comes in packages with 28 g (1 ounce) to 112 g (4 ounces). The price range is $9.99 to $34.99.

PA Botanicals

When 120+ Kratom enthusiasts rave about a vendor, along with several reviewers calling a specific strain their all-time favorite, you know that’s an online store that’s worth checking out. That’s the case with PA Botanicals’ Red Thai Kratom Powder. Labeled as Thailand’s Premier Strain, this Kratom comes from 100 percent red vein leaves. People of all budgets are served here with packages starting at $6.99 for 1 ounce and going all the way to $124.99 for 1 kg.

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The freshly packaged, fine powdered Red Vein Thai Kratom from KratoMystic has attracted many consumers thanks to its mild, pleasant aroma. Whether you want 1 ounce or 1 pound, this vendor has you covered with a price range of $14.99 to $179.99. New customers can get 15 percent off by signing up for the site’s newsletter.

Final Thoughts on Red Vein Thai Kratom

Our goal with the preceding best Kratom vendors list is to help you find the very best Red Vein Thai vendors, so you can make an informed decision and buy Kratom when you need to. And, Red Vein Thai is definitely a great choice that has become the favorite strain of many Kratom buyers.

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