AK Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

AK Botanicals Kratom is a five-star kratom vendor from the heart of Arkansas. This long-established brand specializes in kratom powders and kratom capsules of superior freshness, but it is missing some of the features that the kratom community has come to expect.

If you’re wondering where to buy AK Botanicals Kratom or how to know if it is worthy of your trust, you’ve come to the right place. Learn all about AK Botanicals’ business, products, track record, and more in our complete AK Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review.

AK Botanicals Kratom Product Review

AK Botanicals is an Arkansas-based kratom vendor with a presence in smoke shops across America. In spite of its longevity, AK Botanicals Kratom lacks some of the fundamental components of a successful modern business, a working website chief among them.

image of kratom powder leaves and capsules

A vendor website is more than a mere web-based shop, it also serves as something of a security blanket for skeptical consumers. If they have a website, they must be legit is a common refrain of rookie consumers. While this can be true it is the content of the site that determines whether a vendor is legitimate or not.

The presence of lab results, kratom military discounts, return policies, payment methods, contact info, kratom strain origins, and a satisfaction guarantee are some examples of vital information that should appear on a vendor’s website. Unfortunately, as is all too often the case, AK Botanicals’ website does not feature these components. On the contrary, AK Botanicals no longer maintains its own website. Instead, www.ak-botanicals.com redirects visitors to alohaproductsupply.com, which currently appears to be a broken URL.

Aloha Product Supply’s website provides consumers with little to no information – you get a list of its products, a page about its wholesale availability, and a bare-bones contact form. There is no About Us page, no external links to lab results or products, and no refund policy. This seller does not offer free kratom samples.

Most peculiar of all, Aloha Product Supply’s list of products does not seem to include AK Botanicals Kratom. Those who wish to sample the AK brand will have to shop elsewhere. There are two primary e-commerce sites carrying AK Botanicals Kratom at this moment. They are Puffr.com and 541lifestyle.shop.

Both sites are well-designed, with comparable pricing, fair policies, easy-to-navigate pages, and solid consumer reputations. You will find plenty to appreciate no matter where you go, but Puffr.com is our pick for the better of the two.

What It Costs & How It Compares

541 Lifestyle charges $39.99 for two hundred fifty grams worth of kratom caps, while four ounces of kratom powder sell for $29.99. Its kratom capsule pricing is far more affordable than its powder pricing, as a pouch of one hundred thirteen grams goes for only $10 less than a quarter kilo of capsules.

Meanwhile, Puffr.com charges $35 for two hundred fifty kratom capsules, which makes it a better buy in more ways than one. Unlike 541 Lifestyle, Puffer is a legitimate third-party supplier; the site is secure, the company legit, and its products are backed by a thirty-day window for full refunds. Shipping is fast and discreet, and it’s a cinch to connect with customer service.

AK Botanicals Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

Although AK Botanicals’ website no longer exists, you can still get deals on AK Botanicals Kratom. 541 Lifestyle offers gift cards and more, while Puffr.com customizes orders and provides sitewide clearances. You can get in touch with this Denver purveyor to discuss promotions and more.


How to Reach AK Botanicals Kratom

You can contact either one of these businesses to discuss products, pricing, terms & conditions, and so forth. Exclusive promotions may be available and stock may be running out. Give them a call to reserve your product(s).


Phone: 1-888-316-4572

Email: contact@puffr.com

Mailing address: 5733 Logan Court, Suite 420, Denver, CO 80216

541 Lifestyle

Phone: (541) 851-9380

Email: info@541lifestyle.shop

Mailing address: 3255 Washburn Way, Ste. 3B, Klamath Falls, OR 97603

AK Botanicals Kratom Customer Reviews

This brand has received five-star ratings among online consumers, but patrons have been largely mum about their overall experience. Perhaps owing to its lack of an official online store, AK Botanicals Kratom has not received the fanfare typical of famous industry names. You are unlikely to find any online kratom forums with posts about AK Botanicals, save for one on Double M Herbals.

The post in question is one in which a first-time customer asks if anyone has heard of the brand. There has only been a single response to their question since 2019. In the user’s own response to that single negatory reply, they write, “The product of AK Botanicals is ok, especially for what I paid (4 oz for $25) but I am quite baffled as to how they have zero online presence.

AK Botanicals Complaints

No news is good news, so the saying goes, and it appears to be true in the case of AK Botanicals. Though it is odd to encounter a prosperous brand that lacks forum buzz and social media engagement, it speaks to the value of that brand that it manages to stay in business despite its refusal to conform to the widely accepted paradigm.

What’s more, AK Botanicals has not received any bad press; its record is spotless and no complaints are pending with the Better Business Bureau. This company has not been named in any lawsuits, nor is it listed on any watchdog sites.

Is It Lab-Tested?

There is no evidence to suggest that AK Botanicals Kratom is submitted for third-party laboratory evaluation. The low-end labeling on pouches of AK Botanicals does not appear to mention lab results, nor is there a QR code for locating certificates of analysis.

ak botanicals lab test

Is AK Botanicals Kratom Legit?

Our research indicates that AK Botanicals is or has been a legitimate business. Although it lacks the usual industry bona fides – AKA affiliation, laboratory accreditation, business registration – we have sampled this product in the past and found it to be perfectly acceptable by most standards.

AK Botanicals Kratom may not be the slickest, in-your-face brand in 2022, but that may be its greatest attribute. Rather than attempting to compete with young guns in a woefully over-saturated marketplace that favors TikTok campaigns and Instagram engagement over authenticity and sincerity, AK Botanicals goes back to basics with an OG approach to simple, quality kratom – No frills. No fillers. No gimmicks. No B.S.

American Kratom Association

This vendor is not affiliated in any way with the American Kratom Association. AK Botanicals does not participate in the nonprofit organization’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, which may take some patrons aback. However, it is worth reminding folks that many top brands opt-out of this program.

While the value of the program is undeniable – the AKA has single-handedly held sketchy vendors accountable by asking them to submit to a third-party audit – it isn’t exactly splitting the atom. The program was designed to protect customers by requiring kratom processors to verify their sources and the quality of their products, but this is something many vendors already do of their own accord.

Best AK Botanicals Kratom Alternatives

Without a website of its own or proof of its laboratory results, many consumers may not feel comfortable purchasing items from this brand. That is completely understandable and rather smart on their part. For those who feel this way, there is no shortage of alternatives available. The following represents our top three picks:

  • Kona Kratom
  • Oregon Kratom
  • Mile High Botanical, AKA Kratom by Mile High Botanical

Kona Kratom is our number one choice for the best AK Botanicals Kratom Alternative because it is securely packaged in breathtakingly beautiful pouches and is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, Kona Kratom is lab-tested and on sale, making it the ideal time to give this coastal supplier a try. Kona currently accepts all major credit/debit cards and is offering free kratom samples on a first-come, first-served basis.

As we explained in our Oregon Kratom Vendor Review, this Pacific Northwest provider gives customers a glimpse behind the curtain at the actual kratom shipments it sources from Indonesia and the various goings-on behind the scenes of its day-to-day operation. More importantly, Oregon Kratom offers kratom blends, kratom extracts, kratom capsules, and more.

Kratom by Mile High Botanical is the way to go if you live in the Denver area and need some kratom in a pinch. This Mile High City vendor offers ‘buy three, get one free deal on bulk kratom capsules and a wide variety of in-house extracts and kratom blends. Most importantly, Mile High Botanical is backed by hundreds of endorsements, including many first-person testimonials and five-star ratings.

Closing Thoughts

Still undecided? You can find any number of trusted kratom sources if you shop around online. Consider checking out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a more well-rounded understanding of the current marketplace. You can compare products, pricing, payment options, policies, lab results, and more.

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