Is Kratom Legal in North Carolina? State Law Insights

Yes, we’re happy to report that kratom is legal in North Carolina. This herbal supplement is legal in most states, and people throughout the nation are realizing the potential benefits of using kratom. We have all the details you’re looking for including the best places to buy kratom in the Tar Heel state. 


Know the Basics of North Carolina Kratom Laws

You can freely transport, use, possess, and distribute kratom in any form throughout this state. This includes statewide legalization, meaning kratom is legal in all of North Carolina’s cities, counties, and other areas.


The History of Kratom Legislation in the Tar Heel State

While kratom is legal in North Carolina, things almost weren’t this way. In 2016, kratom almost made its way on the DEA’s Controlled Substance List through the creation of Senate Bill 830. This bill would have made kratom illegal if passed, adding this plant to a list of objectively more dangerous drugs, including heroin.
Thankfully, facts came to the rescue when several pro-kratom officials and citizens statewide presented facts, stories, and scientific data countering dubious anti-kratom claims. Eventually, those who put forth Senate Bill 830 backed down from banning kratom.
Instead of banning kratom, the next goal of Wisconsin’s government officials involved legislation to make kratom use illegal for people under the age of 18. Eventually, this guideline would soon become official through the creation and passing of House Bill 747.


Will Kratom Remain Legal in North Carolina?

North Carolina State Capitol Building in Raleigh

It’s hard to predict the future. However, things look good for the future of kratom in North Carolina if the present is any indicator. What’s more likely to happen in the future is the passing of certain kratom regulations.
More specifically, it seems likely that some form of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) will eventually pass in North Carolina. Don’t worry—the potential passing of the KCPA doesn’t mean a ban on kratom. Instead, the KCPA comes from the American Kratom Association (a pro-kratom organization).
Several states recently passed their unique version of the KCPA. While the exact terms of KCPA acts vary by state, it covers:
   • Requiring companies to accurately label kratom products.
   • Banning kratom use for people under 18 or 21.
   • Prohibiting banned substances in kratom.


Where to Buy Kratom in North Carolina

Welcome to North Carolina sign

We’re sure there are plenty of places that sell kratom in North Carolina. However, the sad truth is that kratom found in many gas stations, head shops, and similar businesses isn’t always a high-quality product. According to a recent Reddit thread, one user stated that gas station kratom cost “8-10x” more than what you’ll find online. Below this comment, another user said kratom sold in gas stations is “often very stale,” which can negatively affect kratom’s taste and effectiveness.
If you need kratom in North Carolina, you’ll get safer and more effective results by purchasing kratom from Golden Monk. We’re a member of the American Kratom Association (AKA). You’ll also find us on the AKA’s list of GMP-qualified vendors. 

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